If you have dyed your hair with the wrong color and are now unable to walk with it because it does not look that good on you, this surely is the right guide for you. It sometimes happens that we wish to get rid of the permanent color that we have on our hair and use something semi-permanent over it. Like black or dark brown semi-permanent dye over the permanent red one.

The only thing that concerns you is what if you end up damaging your hair or end up in a situation worse than you are in right now.

For all those putting semi-permanent dye over permanent dye questions, we are trying to offer you with the right answer. All you need to do is to read this article and find out if the information is relevant for you or not.

If you have lightened your hair

You can easily dye your hair with any of the other semi-permanent colors in case you have dyed your hair into a color that lighter and wanted to cover it up. In addition, if you’re lightening of the hair has gone completely wrong, there are a huge number of different techniques available that can help you get the restoration back. All you have to do is to use semi-permanent color over permanent.

If you have gone really bright with your hair color

But in case you have gone really bright with your hair and are now looking for some sort of changes in order to at least be able to walk in the streets without looking like a clown. Unfortunately, it is not at all possible for you to use the semi-permanent over permanent color to change the tone of your hair.

This method will not at all show any sort of effects that can prove to be helpful for you as well as your hair. However, one thing that can be done is to tighten down your hair a tone or two.

You can use the darkest tones of semi-permanent colors like dark brown or black in order to get your hair a tone or two lighter so that it can at least come in a state that can be presentable. It will also provide you with a nice warm and dark shade that will look more natural on your hair.