Haircut and fashionable coloring complement your look. In addition, it is a very nice beauty-manipulations that bring pleasure. Before you go to the salon, you need to decide on the shape and shade of the hair, which we described earlier: three fashionable hair colors that are young and refreshing .

How to accelerate hair growth

Each hair follicle passes through phases: anagen (saturated with oxygen and nutrition), catagen (certain cells die off), telegen (some hair falls out, the creation of a new hair bulb begins). We briefly described the “cyclical”, which is repeated every period. If you grow hair to have a shoulder length haircut, then you need to speed up the process of transition from the resting phase (telegen) to the active (anagen). How to do it? Choose a special care with components that will “irritate” the hair follicle!

Common misconceptions about what can be achieved with frequent haircuts:

when to get a haircutThose who often cut their hair grow faster. Far from it – cutting (and even shaving a head) does not affect hair growth, since it does not affect the roots. This illusion is probably due to the fact that the regrowth is more noticeable on short hair than on long curls. Accelerate growth can good care for the scalp and maintaining the health of the body as a whole.

Those who think when to get a haircut, answer is frequent haircuts make hair thicker. Actually not thicker, but shorter. The effect of density, as in the previous example, is purely visual. Hair rods have an uneven thickness – at the base they are always slightly thicker than the tips. And if the tips are periodically cut, the hair will appear thicker.

If you often get a haircut, your hair will become more beautiful. There is some truth in this, if we consider frequent visits to the hairdresser as self-care. But in general, the ideas about beauty are different for everyone, so someone often makes haircuts more attractive, and others do not. In addition, not everyone and not always lucky with good masters.

Does haircut affect hair growth?

The main difficulty in growing hair is bitten tips that need to be treated and periodically trimmed. What for? If you do not do this, the damaged structure will “move” up (you will have to cut off much more).

Why do I need to cut my hair more often

wait between haircutsAny haircut over time loses its shape, and the tips of the hair, as we all know from advertising, tend to exfoliate. “Splinters” or microcracks, which are formed on them, may eventually deepen, stimulating the loss of strands.

The split ends, despite the oath promises in advertising, can not be glued together, alas, so you just need to trim the hair in time. This will help and maintain the shape of your favorite haircut. As you are supposed to cut your hair too often you need the right service for the same.

How often do I need to cut long hair

Long-haired Rapunzel, who do not want to part with the length, we advise you to go to the hairdresser 1 time in three months to trim the tips.

Wait between haircuts

During this time, hair grows about 3-5 centimeters. Therefore, it is better not to skip the haircut. Then the tips will not split, and the hair – to please the beauty and health.

Without special care, the hair becomes brittle and lifeless, and the ends of them themselves begin to break off.

In this situation, run to the stylist, as soon as the tips began to split. If you mow the damaged area, then you rehabilitate the strands, then begin to apply lines to strengthen and restore hair, and split ends will not have a chance.