Hair is considered to be an important accessory in any person’s look. Hair dye is popularly used to cover greys. With trends coming and going, many of us want to experiment with our hair color and choose hair dyes for that purpose. Dyeing your hair can revive the look you desire or give your look an upgrade. When experimenting with your hair, you should always bear in mind to maintain its health, as exposing it to harmful chemicals can damage your tresses.

Avoiding toxic chemicals in a hair dye ensures that your hair is not exposed to unnecessary things. It will also ensure that your hair is not damaged by hair dye if you change your hairstyles and use hair dyes dye

Here are some bad ingredients to look out for when buying boxed hair dye:


This ingredient is used in hair dyes as it helps in opening up the cuticles of your hair, thereby helping the color to seep in and dye the hair strand. In the long run, this ingredient makes your hair dry and brittle, causing breakage and shedding. If used in strong concentrations, it can cause severe burns. Ammonia can irritate your skin, eyes, and even lungs.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This ingredient is used in many hair dyes as it can remove the pigment in your hair, allowing the hair dye to color and show up on your tresses. Even if this chemical is used in a low concentration, it can seriously damage your hair, making it dry and dull. If ingested it can be toxic and can cause tissue damage if it comes in contact with your eyes or skin.


PPD is short for para-phenylenediamine. It is mainly used in darker shades of hair dye, like dark brown and black. PPD is made out of coal tar, which is derived from petroleum and contains chemicals like benzene, naphthalene, phenols, etc. This chemical is also used as a wood preservative. When used in combination with Hydrogen Peroxide, it can be very toxic and even cause cancer.

Lead Acetate

This chemical is used as a color additive in darker shades of hair dye. It is said to cause anemia and certain neurological problems. It is banned in Europe as lead is poisonous and can cause very serious health issues.

Hair dye can be used to create different looks. But you must be cautious of what you’re putting on your hair so that you don’t damage your hair or put your health at risk. It is better to stop using a hair dye with bad ingredients. Always do a patch test before using the hair dye.