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genetic factors influencing hair growth

The Role of Genetics in Baby Hair Growth

Have you ever wondered why some babies are born with a full head of hair while others remain bald for months? The mysteries of baby hair growth captivate many parents, especially those curious about how to make baby hair grow. The truth is, the patterns and pace at which a baby’s hair develops are largely determined by genetics. From the thickness and color to the overall growth rate, inherited genes play a crucial role in shaping your baby’s unique hair characteristics.

Hair Dye

What Are The Bad Ingredients in a Hair Dye?

Hair is considered to be an important accessory in any person’s look. Hair dye is popularly used to cover greys. With trends coming and going, many of us want to experiment with our hair color and choose hair dyes for that purpose. Dyeing your hair can revive the look you […]

How often to get a haircut

How Often To Get A Haircut

Haircut and fashionable coloring complement your look. In addition, it is a very nice beauty-manipulations that bring pleasure. Before you go to the salon, you need to decide on the shape and shade of the hair, which we described earlier: three fashionable hair colors that are young and refreshing . […]

Tangle Teezer

How to clean a tangle teezer?

A tangle teezer is something that most of the people use in order to relieve all the tangles in their hair and get that silky smooth hair without any sort of problem. But what most of us forget is to clean those regularly. It is extremely important for us to […]

put semi-permanent dye over permanent
Hair Dye

The basic guide: put semi-permanent dye over permanent

If you have dyed your hair with the wrong color and are now unable to walk with it because it does not look that good on you, this surely is the right guide for you. It sometimes happens that we wish to get rid of the permanent color that we […]

get rid of the natural oil as well as the grease
Hair Cleaning, Hair Grease

How to get grease out of hair?

In case you have the kind of hair that is more prone towards getting extremely dry, you know you cannot always seek help from the shampoo in order to strip it out of all the grease. This might end up making the dryness problem in your hair a lot worse […]

Hair Cleaning

How to get super glue out of hair?

No matter what kind of profession you are in all of us have our share of the bad days when things seem to not fall in the place, and you end up making a fool out of yourself. Sometimes you might end up with a lot of super glue in […]